The Humanitarian Party is a group aiming to establish a political party dedicated to profoundly focusing on humanity. This party envisions a world where every person can freely make choices about their own lives, coupled with a deep sense of empathy for others. The goal is to elect leaders who prioritize humanitarian values, steering public policies towards global well-being, emphasizing the interests of not just Americans, but all global citizens.

By prioritizing humanity, we can tackle the issues we face today. It’s time to shift away from dropping bombs and bolstering military forces. Instead, let’s focus on supporting one another.

Let’s establish a set of principles that guide people to refocus on humanity. This vision should recognize all individuals as equals and aim primarily at creating a productive future for everyone.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

It’s time to truly live by this simple but crucial principle. From the highest echelons of government to those experiencing the deepest poverty, everyone should adhere to this golden rule.

Striving for a Peaceful and Prosperous Future

We are all born equal, and our mindset should reflect that by seeing others as equals. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between treating people equally and ensuring they have equal lives. Our free market economy rewards hard work rather than lack of effort.

We must foster a genuine free market society where equality means earning based on your efforts, not the reverse. Such equality should provide everyone with the same chance to achieve boundless success, depending solely on their hard work.

Join Us

Join the Humanitarian Partyand become part of something greater than yourself—a force for positive change that future generations can emulate. Stand with us today as we evolve into a formidable world power that cannot be ignored.

The Humanitarian Party champions a foundation of endless possibilities for those who are willing to work hard to achieve them.

Could the Humanitarian ‘party’ possibly unite us instead of dividing us? After all, our shared humanity is undeniable.

Dividing a group is the easiest path to conquering it, but a united group cannot be defeated. Let’s stand together for humanity to ensure a prosperous future for all.

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17 Comments on "Ideology"

  • As a Total Liberationist I choose to be affiliated with the Humanitarian Party at this time. It is my hope that All Sentient Beings will one day be treated justly. Factory Farming, Democide, & Genocide cannot continue. We are running out of time as it is currently per Science the &7th Wave of Mass Extinction & Climate Crisis is killing the poor especially. Can’t stand a two-party system of BS.

    I don’t accept it is in our nature to be cruel. Cruelty is like a contagious disease that we can become immune to through eating a variety of healing plants. Factory farming animals for human consumption fuels violence towards all sentient beings.

  • Joey coleman says

    As I sit here on my back porch on a nice sunny cool 60 degree summer morning reading the news. Reading about the white nationalists and antifa I contemplate the politics we are dealing with today. Realizing that most of the political groups are extremists, fascists, socialists and or Communist. All of witch negatively impact our society and world.
    I contemplate my political orientation and start researching new and different political groups. Finding the humanitarian web site and reading what it was about. realizing that everything I read was how I feel about life and politics. To support the basic humanitarian rights and respect other human beings basic rights.
    I believe that religion is an internal view and should stay out of politics because it hinders the ability to make a non judgemental and neutral decisions. Through out history more people have died over religious ideology for political control. There are plenty of historical events that can be related. including our current government in the USA today is religiously bound and untill that goes away in politics we will suffer the same problems we do today. It is a human right to believe in what he or she wants. not to be pushed on to others that don’t want it for political manipulation.
    Peace&life to all.

  • Sam Mukhtar says

    I see a slight slant towards the USA. Should the humanitarian party be all inclusive of all the peoples of the world?

    • humanitarian says

      Yes, I understand what you’re saying, but that’s only because this started in the USA, but the ideology applies worldwide. It seems like a good time to stop killing each other!

  • Ken says

    I as a human do hope these words find their way to anyone with the slightest bit of influence in todays political world. June 23, 2018 our current actions in the Divided States of America is a huge debate on immigration and Mexico. I do feel for the blights the Mexican people face but I also, first hand, feel the blights many Americans feel every day in our own country due to a multitude of reasons. So how do we fix it? My solution to this particular problem is to first go to Mexico with our military and remove the cartels that are currently strangling the life force out of the Mexican country and people. once they are rid of that works two fold first and foremost being it gives Mexico a chance to rebuild their land and make it a place more desirable to live and thus making less people want to migrate to the US and giving us a chance to fix some of the things in our own country. Second thing this will do is cut a huge head off the flow of illegal drugs that plague our country therefore taking a huge step to correcting one of the forementioned problems we face here. this will not fix all of the worlds problems but as a person who considers themselves to be a good human I think this is the most productive, logical and humane way of helping almost all involved. happy humanity.

  • site not up and democrat but not affiliated, I want to run for state rep on a humanitarian ticket… Art Rimbold for State Congress 248-320-4135

  • It looks like only one person captured a righteous domain name & then worked hard to get & keep our attention. I could not find anything on this web site about how or who decides Humanitarian Party doctrine, policy or it’s organization plan/layout…Honestly, how does HP expect to gain our trust, confidence or any meaningful support without divulging this vital information ? I’m financially capable & motivated to assist but won’t until this essential information is shared with everyone !

  • Akinwole Saheed B. says

    My name is Akinwole Saheed. I live in Nigeria and I work in Bank. I am a conveener of Osun2030, Its purely an humanitarian political movement. I devoted my entire life to charity and philanthropy. I wish to join this party and become a member of humanitarian party. I will be glad to have feedback of what is expected of aspiring member. Thanks

    • Ron Michael says

      My Lord,

      Your dedicated actions in your home country makes you a Lord.

      Love Ron

  • I am running for President in 2016. I share movies on Twitter in a story format. I’d like to discuss ideas with you.

  • Bill Goldsborough says

    I have read and heartily agree with your position on 11 of 12 issues delineated! Consider the following observations:
    1. The humanitarian philosophy on “religion” should be turned 180 degrees with the contents of the message remaining intact. Explanation – God is not equal to humanity. Humanity would not exist without God, the CREATOR of humanity. Life and law to govern and protect God-given life originated with God, not humanity. God is not only the GIVER of life and law, but the sustainer, and blesser in its function. Therefore, we are to “Seek.. FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Bible, ref. Mt. 6:33) None of the other 11 issues can be successfully resolved apart from acknowledging the sustainer of humanity as supreme orchestrator of all issues. God’s inspired, and preserved communication to humanity bolsters these observations. (ref. Genesis 1:1, 2:7, Deuteronomy 10:7, I Kings 8:23, Isaiah 6:9-7,45:5,21, John1:1-4, Acts 17:24, I Cor.6:19-20, I Timothy 6:15, and Romans 13:1-7)
    2. Does the Humanitarian Party endorse any particular candidate for presidency? 3. Though the website is well structured and easy to follow, the text would have a greater impact on an educated and influential sector if it was proofread and corrected.

    • Not god lvr says

      Please keep god out of politics. Nothing good ever comes of it. Keep the seperation of church and state. We as individuals make our own choices. God doesnt make these choices. We do

      • Sam Mukhtar says

        Totally agree. There are too many gods in this world and best to keep them out of it. Religion is the plight of people arou d the world. Nearly all the conflicts in the world have their roots deep in one religion or another.

    • Laura Bryant says

      Putting God in our politics does not serve all the people … stop trying to shove your belief system on others!!! Time for people to become more spiritual and less condemning and judging of others. We are responsible for our own destinies!!!

    • Jason VonIrsik says

      I agree. However only a true Humanitarian party will never take hold on this Earth for it is owned by Lucifer and the level of fear, here in 2018 has the demonic gate keepers well fed. But as for me and my home we will serve Christ the redeemer. See you on the narrow path.

    • Ron Michael says

      Dear Teacher,

      Education of humanity is your topic and you do well. Young humans are young and can only take in fresh information.

      My critic of your post is to use less Biblical references as to allow young humans less to digest.

      Love Ron.

      • Ron Michael says

        Dear Peoples of the Humanitarian Party,

        God created us to be scientific and not sceptical however a hypothesis is tested with the intent to prove it wrong. Your critics will us this scientific method upon your ideals.

        God’s Choicest Blessings to your kind words, words that make you who you are.

        Love Ron.

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