We appreciate your interest in helping to build a new political party in America. The Humanitarian Party is a grassroots political organization. Volunteers working for our party and our campaigns at the state and local level is invaluable. Humanity will thank you!

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    7 Comments on "Volunteer"

    • Ron Michael says

      My Humankind Siblings,

      Rather than reading your comments, which I did not because our audience is ourselves, all of us could meet together and present our ideas and ideals to the public. A large public park would be an excellent location, a park near good food joints. I am willing to travel in my car about one thousand miles from Chicago.

      Love Ron.

    • Jason Linn says

      Any way I can help I am available for humanities sake.

    • Well, Dr Basiago is so far out of mainstream media there is no hope whatsoever to elect this year.
      Dr Jill Stein/Green Party just described the road Hillary is heading down as, and I quote, “…a SHITHOLE” either yesterday or the day before.
      Please see to Dr Stein as an alternate realistic candidate.
      I am the jackass who started the modern Tea Party movement in 2000 before it was more-or-less hijacked when I became ill. In fact I was in the process of creating this Humanitarian Party when I decided to Google you and saw that you already exist with my very ideals.
      We are embarking on an momentous and most perilous uphill battle here but united we can stand against those who oppress us. Through attrition alone we cannot fail for the time of our collective consciousness nears. What some people call the “Singularity” or to address it in more everyday terms, “the day of realizing we are all really in the same book and getting on the same page” swiftly approaches.
      I am Adam ‘The Sumerian’ Derderian and I am pleased to join you.

    • Karthik says

      Is this party USA specific.? Any plans to expand to other countries.? I am from India and I had the idea of such a party in my country for quite some time. If you have plans to expand to India, please let me know, I would like to be a part of it

    • In 1999 I organized and incorporated the National Organization for the Advancement for Humanity, after realizing their was a direct overt genocidal assault on humanity and our genome. My organization publishes original titles, webs, produces short video infomercials and re-publishes formerly secret govenrment documents and reports, primarily obscure documents originating from the United States, in particular the eight available progress reports of the formerly secret US Special Virus Cancer Program (1962-1978) and the 1971 SVCP Research Logic Flow Chart.
      Having recently been introduced to 2016 US Presidential candidate, Andrew D. Basiago http://www.Andy2016.com and researching the applicable state laws and necessary steps – I came to realize because I was not a member of either Democrats or Republicans or Libertarians or Tea Party, etc. it would be necessary to organize a new independent political party. I decided it should be called the Humanitarian Party. Researching this idea further, I came across this organization and happily have signed on to participate. I can participate in all of the ways I’ve marked above. I can copyright, publish books and lecture. I would like to organize fund raisers to contribute financially. I would like to see the Humanitarian party rally around 2016 presidential candidate Andrew D. Basiago because he is the most qualified candidate who aligns with my personal and organizational values. Basiago’s 100 proposals, called A New Agenda for A New America details an awesome list of detailed and achievable goals which will rvolutionize America, the world. Please review Dr. Basiago’s web site http://www.Andy2016.com and contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you! Your friend in truth yesterday, today and tomorrow! Joel Bales

    • Devon says

      I searched out this website via a thought process of party reform in the US. I did not know if this site even existed until I googled it… I’m still not sure if it exists per se. it doesn’t look like there’s any activity.

      • astro says

        Yes, you are correct. We do not have much activity here at the moment. I am trying to gather volunteers to help build this movement.

        What can you do to help?

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