Humanitarian Issues

Humanitarians think the founding fathers of America had the right idea on liberty and justice for all where the Government works for the people and not the other way around. Humanitarians think congress should live by the same laws they pass down to the people they represent. Humanitarians also believe we are all created equal and we’re dedicated to civil liberties and personal freedoms.

Humanitarians think omnibus bills should be not be allowed for a legislative vote and proposes only one topic per proposed law.


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  • My fellow Americans;
    I would like to introduce myself my name is Daniel Paul Zutler and I am an independent candidate for U.S. President.I am from Brooklyn NY and live in Tampa Bay Florida. Where with my wife of 30 years have raised three children and in 2006 began raising our 8-year-old grandson. My wife and I have been hourly employees and small business owners so we know our economy, struggles, and how it affects all of us.We do not make six digit incomes, we do not live opulent life styles, and we are the family next door, we are of the people.

    Why am I running for President? Simply this,
    Our Nation is under erosion at exponential rates, the systematic deconstruction of the U.S. Constitution, by the U.S. Supreme Court. Our Rights and Freedoms chipped away at daily.
    Our economic and financial stability is in peril. Our presence, and respect among nations on The World Stage, has diminished.

    Although I am not out to change the world, I am out to rebuild a Nation from the ground up, and with your support, we will do just that together as our new nation rises. We will face fierce forces as we have before but as a Nation, we have prevailed and will again.

    What am I going to do,
    simply start over! Tear up the old foundation and pour a new one. A New Dawn, this is a broken system that can’t be fixed. You cannot put a band-aid on it so,
    We are going to use unconventional methods in untested ways. What has been done in the past has not worked, and every time they try, it fails miserably. This is not about shovel ready, or change. It is not about yes we can. None of that has worked Solution start over.

    When the foundation has cured, we can begin to construct a Nation that will stand the test of time. Instead of hollow cinder blocks, we build with what does work Solid Bricks, Building one wall at a time.

    The bricks we will build with are:

    Adherence to the language of the U S constitution as it was written and not interpreted as it has been in recent years:

    Veteran’s affairs

    Military affairs and defense spending.

    Senior affairs- social security and retirement stability.

    Poverty, and the construction of a welfare system that does work, with state not government oversight placing a strong emphasis on fraud .

    Employment, trade, and the termination of all toxic trade agreements currently in place and those awaiting passage into law.

    Border management and construction of a new system of stringent enforcement of all types of illegal immigration at all levels, embodying aggressive apprehension, swift prosecution, and severe sentencing penalties. Sending a direct and clear message as Deportation hasn’t worked.

    Foreign policy, promoting an aggressive portrait of a self-sustaining nation, and the reduction of ineffective and failed efforts in Global Aid.

    Our Second Amendment rights, construction, implementation, and swift passage of a national carry permit.

    United States Sovereignty, the separation of Government in State affairs, to include sizing up our relationship with the United Nations.

    Term limits, salary and retirement reform for all political and appointed offices including executive positions.

    Ending lobbying and all political action committees.

    Domestic oil and energy exploration, production and sustainability to include extensive technology in alternatives for new and renewable energy sources.

    Advancing technology taking our nation into the future.

    Returning our exploration of space and aeronautics NASA.

    Taxes, and ending our contractual agreement utilizing the I.R.S. as our collection agency. Construction of a taxation system, utilizing language contained in both Fair tax and Flat tax options

    Health Care and repealing Obama Care, constructing a health care system to be benchmarked globally.

    Construction of a failed education system, ending the present common core system and returning it to the state level.

    Tort reform on all levels of Health care and insurance.

    The deconstruction the patriot act, by removing the contents language and construction that invades the ones it is supposed to be protecting and placing effective checks and balances in place.

    ISIS, IRAN, and Terrorism, and a new set of rules of engagement. Evaluating the long standing use and partnership involving the Geneva Convention for sustainability to effectively operate in combat and intelligence gathering.

    Middle East affairs, possession, and acquisition of nuclear materials.

    What makes me qualified to be President;
    I’m 52 years old, A natural born citizen, and have a strong understanding of what must be done. I don’t offer answers, I give solutions and an action plan.
    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me the time to present to you a new set of blue prints to build by. I challenge you to follow me into a New Day, returning our Nation back into the hands of the people.
    You ask for a President, I seek you a leader. I give you a Representative of The People
    You demand answers, I give you solutions and an action plan.
    You seek integrity, I offer you up a Hero.
    You ask for honesty, I offer real transparency.
    You demand Justice, I give you a Real Patriot.
    Zutler Michaels in 2016
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    Find us on Facebook at:
    Daniel Paul Zutler or Zutler Michaels
    Tweet your thoughts you will be heard @zutleroforpres
    Thank You and God Bless our Nation

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