Humanitarians believe the best way to provide “quality” healthcare with affordable rates is to utilize the free market policies that are in the constitution allowing doctors to compete and allow citizens to choose who they can use for their healthcare.

Government should place regulations on the pharmaceutical companies from awarding doctors to use their expensive drugs and also stop the pharmaceutical industry lobbyist from being involved in any legislation process.

Government should also regulate insurance companies from over charging and being able to provide care to people based on their medical condition. The medical industry should not be based on money and profits, but instead based on helping people.

The Government’s role is to protect the people and not to protect their vested interests while causing harm on the masses.

Again this is a place where humanity needs to come first and foremost. Once you view people from a humanitarian perspective everything becomes clear as to the right direction to take.




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  • A lot has happened in this area since 2012…The person or persons at HumanitarianParty,org need to make some serious improvements/updates for credibility purposes. I’d like to see Denver Colorado as the physical location for the first Humanitarian Party presidential convention. Find me & my pals at

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