War on Drugs

The war on drugs has been a complete failure ever since Nixon and then Ronald Reagan tried to help it. Prison populations have sky rocketed and the drug problem has not been solved, it’s only gotten worse. Today we have more people hooked and dying on “legal” prescription drugs then we do on illegal drugs.

The Humanitarian Party does not think the war on drugs mission should be to incarcerate our citizens more in order to build a larger more profitable prison-Industrial complex. Instead we need to help and educate people more, while incarcerating less.

Humanitarians think drugs are a major problem in our society and the policies need to change to provide real solutions. People on drugs need help they do not need to be locked up in jails and prisons that do nothing but create lifetime criminals that degrade humanity and our society as a whole.

Drug Policy Changes

  • Marijuana should be legalized and made available for all medical research
  • Prescription drugs should be heavily regulated and not given out like candy
  • Help drug users with education and employment opportunities
  • Improve the poverty stricken areas with more employment opportunities
  • Reduce maximum & mandatory sentences

The Humanitarian Party realizes that no solution will provide a perfect outcome, but if we can handle each situation with common sense and compassion, do what’s right for humanity the outcome will be good.

We have generations of work to do. There is not one person or one policy that will fix this. If we can get humanity to stop destroying and start helping within 15 years we will start to see a world where people will be able to travel and walk down any street. A world where we will not having starving children dying in their moms arms. A world where people are not dying by bombs being dropped from the sky. But we must start today!

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  • Laura Bryant says

    Prescription drugs should be heavily regulated and not given out like candy? There are enough regulations to kill you. We should have easier access to prescription drugs and should not have to see a doctor every month to get refills on permanent conditions. We should also put a stop to people making profit off medication. Medicine should belong to all of humanity … not just for those to profit off the sick or those that can afford it!!

  • Scott says

    Reagan didn’t start the “war on drugs,” Nixon did. This site needs to be proofread and fact checked with a quickness; it’s absolutely repugnant regarding incorrect information, punctuation, and grammar.

    • humanitarian says

      Yes, the site will get updated as time permits. Yes, we can not truly blame Reagan for starting the war on drugs as we know it. Nixon did use the term first, but his policies are not the policies that are incarcerating individuals for longer terms as Reagan’s do.

      Either way the point is mute on who started the war on drugs. No one person is to blame, no one policy is to blame, only our individual actions. Unfortunately our actions show a lot of dysfunction and counterproductive behavior. The current drug policies and the results are proof of that dysfunction.

      We let doctors prescribe dangerous drugs to people, while we make less harmful “drugs” like Marijuana illegal and keep it in the Schedule 1 class of drugs. So you can nitpick the grammar and punctuation all day, but you should not ignore message and the issues we face as a nation and world today.

    Lets get this party started!

  • Cheri says

    I concur

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