Humanitarians are not against all taxes, but at the same time we think taxes need to be fair and not excessive. We should not as a nation be in the current situation we’re in like working on the 11th hour trying to avoid a financial catastrophe or trying to make a budget deal to avoid tax hikes on all citizens. These types of situations should be dealt with long before the 11th hour.

We need to seriously think about legislation that holds congress accountable for doing their job according to the constitution like working together for the general good for the people and not according to how it effects large corporations or their own bank accounts.

Humanitarians think a tax reform needs to happen and to begin that reform we need to lower personal income tax, have fair corporate taxes, while at the same time scaling back federal spending.

The founding fathers did not and would not agree with personal income taxes, which is why they did not put them in the constitution. Personal income taxes today do not promote a healthy and prosperous free market economy. They suppress the people and keep them stuck in poverty.

We need to close corporate tax loopholes and lower personal income taxes and at the same time give incentives to businesses to expand and hire more workers. There is not one simple solution to solve the economic problems that face America. It will take a broad and deep look at problems while taking steps to rewarding the people for being productive and rewarding businesses for being successful.  We should not be bailing out unsuccessful businesses or providing aid to fanatical regimes that are not supporters of humanity with morality.

Tax Spending & Revenue

  • Limit welfare so it’s not a career opportunity
  • Lower personal income taxes
  • Make corporate taxes fair
  • Give tax breaks for businesses creating jobs within America
  • Stop subsidies without looking at the economic impact of all
  • Do not allow assistance to illegal immigrants
  • Stop aid for regimes that are enemies of humanity
  • Have corporations pay taxes where they make profits

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