The Internet

Humanitarians believe the First Amendment applies to the internet and it should be free of regulations and censorship. The Government should provide tax incentives for companies that provide Internet to communities and companies that develop new technologies allowing internet in remote locations.

The Internet allows small companies to compete with large corporations on an equal playing field. Laws and regulations should not be imposed to stop the free trade market online to favor the corporations.

Freedom of speech applies to the internet just as it does in our everyday life and humanitarians will fight for this right to make sure it stays that way.

Humanitarians did not and does not support SOPA or PIPA because it gives law enforcement agencies the right to bypass the “safe harbor” protections of liability and also gave law enforcement agencies the ability to block entire domain names due to “infringing” content.

The Internet is not another media to be controlled by Government or self serving corporations to monopolize.

Improved Infrastructure:

The Humanitarian Party also would promote internet infrastructure programs to build and improve the internet speeds across the country. The United States is lacking in Internet speeds and this is a bottleneck in our productivity. By providing faster internet in all areas we are opening new roads for entrepreneurs to build new services.

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