Foreign Policy

Humanitarians stand behind George Washington when he said “The Great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign Nations is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible.”

We believe nonintervention is a good foreign policy to build positive relationships, with an emphasis on free trade.

The Humanitarian Party believes in handling foreign policies that are based on morals and values, not based on deals and self serving agendas.

The Humanitarian Party does not support the current status quo of wars and corruption. It’s time for America to be the leader in the peace movement.

The Humanitarian Party foreign policy effort is to take the Humanitarian approach. If it doesn’t value the life of all humanity then it doesn’t make sense and the Humanitarian Party will not support it.

The Humanitarian Party will support foreign policies that are based on values for humanity and not based deals for corporations.

2 Comments on "Foreign Policy"

  • Mary says

    PLEASE find an authentic electable candidate for the Presidential election. AMERICA IS ON A humanitarian crisis. We have no honest option. Help.

    • Hello Marry – Government can only be as good as the PEOPLE it serves..
      People now days must make a sincere effort to understand all forms of power.
      You’d think your cry for help would direct the person or persons responsible for content to provide a physical location for a national presidential convention.
      Honestly Mary, how can you be sure you’re not allowing yourself to be placated to weakness & diverted to wolves in sheep’s clothing ?… Talk is cheap…
      Thanks Mary.. My pals in Denver Colorado are ready to put this together & get the ball rolling. 720 635-9700. We’ll attempt to draw out of the dark & into the light. I’ll repeat…Talk is cheap !

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