Humanitarians believe and stand for freedom of religion. We think all persons should be able and free to practice their religion without fear of persecution or suppression.

We do not think religion should have any role in the law of the land or have any place in our educational systems. Religion should be a private belief for families to practice in their home and their place of worship.

Humanitarians realize that each religion suggest for it’s followers to do what’s good for humanity but in the name of their God.

The Humanitarian Party views the world from the perspective of humanity as a whole.

We can not be good as an individual if every individual is not good.

We can no longer stand by waiting for our God to save us. The Humanitarian Party believes in taking personal actions that will create a better world for the future of humanity. We must learn to live together as family or we will die together as fools.

The root principle of all religions is to be a good person, which is exactly what you’re doing when you’re part of the Humanitarian Party.

The Humanitarian Party does not want you to lose or change your faith. When we have religion as the foundation of our thought process it divides humanity in groups. When we have humanity as the foundation of our thought process it includes every human on earth. You can not divide humanity into groups. You can not debate that we are all part of humanity. You can see and feel humanity, why not love humanity?

Join the The Humanitarian Party and help guarantee a better future for all of humanity.


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  • This web site states at the bottom: Paid for by the Humanitarian Party Committee.
    So who is this committee & how is it formed ? Are they backed by the Scientology Religion ?

    I take the business of forming a new political party serious & I’m sure others do as well.
    How much would we have to pay the so-called committee for the Humanitarian domain.

    We would immediately place Denver Colorado as the physical location for the first Humanitarian Party National Convention. We would come out into the open to become a viable political party everyone could & should believe in. No transparency = FAILURE !

  • Soman Bhattacharya says

    I am an Indian and a Hindu but I have lost all my faith on this religion over the past few years because of the hypocrisy of the brahmin priests. They don’t even care if one understands the meaning of their mantras that they recite. I badly wanted to breakout of this complicated ways of this religion and thought of being a Nastik or an Atheist for ever but I loved the concept of humanitarianism. Let me how can I be a part of it. I suppose you guys won’t disappoint me. I live in Shillong, India..

  • Veronica says

    No thanks, Adam. I don’t want to step into this mysterious “light” you mention. Your entire platform is good. It’s pretty much just libertarian without the religious undercurrent. But, for many, God comes first. Humanity is not the center of focus. God is. Your “religion” platform is unconstitutional anyway. The 1st amendment specifies “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” This means if people want to have religion at school, public or private, congress cannot stop them. Perhaps you can redirect this line of thinking toward encouraging schools to get off the government teat. Then, each community can decide for itself if and how they want to incorporate religion into their educational services. Furthermore, a genuinely religious or spiritual person doesn’t leave their beliefs at the door. That’s why we have jesuit, mormon, jewish, baptist, catholic schools. People want to teach and learn within the context of their religion. So, let’s create a system where everyone is comfortable doing that and no one is marginalized.

    • humanitarian says

      Hello Veronica,
      Yes, this party is very close to the libertarian ideology with one big difference. The word Humanitarian is not ambiguous like the word Libertarian. The Humanitarian Party wants to bring all people together instead of dividing them. We all know by now that the old systems and old thought process is not working. We know that things must change. We must change the way we act and treat each other.

      We must use humanity as the foundation of our thought process. No one individual should be fine unless all individuals are fine. What religion or other party promotes that and practices that in their daily life? The Humanitarian Party does.

      I do not understand why you say this religion platform is unconstitutional when congress already prohibits laws based on religion. In our schools we already do not teach religion and if their is a religious seminary school it’s an opt-in class in a separate building. So this religion platform is not changing anything from the current status quo that I can see.

      Religion marginalizes and divides people be default. Can we finally come together as humanity and save ourselves or should we need to wait another 2000 years?

      • Sigfried says

        Awesome answer

    • Ityel Biletzky says

      Religion is nowadays outdated,being replaced by Science/s ,which proves consistently, that religion is Fairy tale!

  • I am no longer ‘Anonymous’
    The time is now to step into the light together.

  • Rev.Robert Michael says

    Is there any connection
    With Age of Reformation
    to Humanitarian ?
    Who was the founder of
    This movement?

    • astro says

      No connection to the Age of Reformation. The founder is anonymous because it’s irrelevant to the movement. The important aspect is the meaning in the movement and the thought process it promotes.

      • Hey Astro, if that’s your real name – What gives you the right to speak for the founder or anyone else for that matter ? I honor Rev. Robert Michael’s very relevant question. I also know that all cowards & bullies work together, generally in secrecy. So in your case, there won’t be any real political movement without any real political people…Political People with Courage !

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