Poverty and Welfare

Humanitarians think the welfare system is something that is needed to assist citizens in need, but also thinks the current welfare system needs restructured in order to give more of an incentive to get people working and less of an incentive for people to stay on welfare.

Currently there’re 4.1% of the population on welfare and when people can make more money  on welfare than working a job it gives an incentive for people to not work. We should limit the amount of time welfare is provided and provide educational programs along with drug screening for people on welfare. This would motivate people to work and limit the possibility for people to use the welfare system as a career and retirement plan.

Suggested welfare regulations:

  • Limit term to 5 years
  • Require enrollment in school
  • Require employment
  • Allow welfare while citizen is employed (2 year max)
  • Provide a pathway to educate and employee
  • Drug screening for recipients of welfare

We can not give incentives for people to stay on welfare. We need to provide solutions for a positive-sum return in the country.

If the government would limit welfare  while providing solutions to educate and employee it would create a positive compounding effect in the economy.



3 Comments on "Poverty and Welfare"

  • Will Harper says

    You seem to be confused on what the word, “humanitarian” means. Your platform seems to be aligned with the right wing of the Neo-Cons. Too bad but least you are a non-threat on the political stage.

  • Heather says

    I wonder what welfare you mean specifically when you refer to a 2 year max while employed? Do you mean all government assistance or something more along the lines of unemployment?
    I wonder this because in cases of working adults with children that needs SNAP, TANF, WIC, or other government assistance – welfare – where do you stand?
    Also in reference to child poverty, how does this play into daycare assistance, school funding for books or tuition, and more?

  • Laura Bryant says

    I do not believe in drug screening in order to get welfare. This in all cases is the denial of benefits to innocent children. Requirements for working and school do not take in consideration all the people that need welfare because they are sick yet can’t get past the bureaucracy of getting on disability or are temporarily disabled. Welfare should not be black and white … there are a lot of grey areas that would not fit into these requirements.

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