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Humanitarians believes in a free market economy with limited government and individual liberty where people can pursue their individual objectives through harmonious and productive interactions just as the founder fathers of the U.S. Constitution wanted.

America is great because people have a chance to become anything they “work” to become. In America you can start at the poorest level and become one of the wealthiest. It’s about working hard and getting rewarded for doing that, it’s not about laying back with your hand out waiting for someone to give you something. It’s not about spreading the wealth around. America was built on a foundation of endless possibilities if you work hard to achieve them.

Humanitarian’s defend incentive programs for hard working citizens like fair tax rates and tax deductions with a government that promotes innovations and entrepreneurship.

Humanitarians do not believe that “sharing the wealth” is a solution that will help the economy. By spreading the wealth around it does not increase net wealth of the country, it’s a zero-sum situation and if continued it will create a net loss in wealth for the country. When you redistribute the wealth it doesn’t provide incentives to produce and eventually there will be no positive-sum actives to share, it’s a loss-loss scenario.

The government should provide incentives to wealth producing activities and not punish those wealth producing activities by raising taxes or bailing out failed activities. The Interstate Commerce Clause was put in place to avoid monopolies and to stop unfair business practices, but in today’s market it seems that monopolies are allowed as long as they can be exploited by the government through the stock market and higher taxes to support the poor.

If we utilize the Commerce Clause in a way to avoid monopolies (restricting businesses from branching out into unlimited markets) allowing more individually owned companies to exist and limiting the stock market it would create a stronger free-market with more incentives for more people and at the same time allow the Government to collect mores tax revenue at a lower tax rate.

We need a solution to stop the greed we currently see and “spread the wealth” around by creating incentives and more opportunities (jobs) for people. This is an area that needs focused on in order to create a positive-sum economy with a prosperous society. Government needs to provide incentives for hard working people, not incentives for people to not work hard.




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  • Max says

    When you say free market, it sounds like actually in direct conflict with the word Humanitarian. Unregulated free markets are the main back bone of exploitation and enslavement of the poor.

  • Max says

    For any economic platform to at least be viable, it needs to start with the basic understanding that we no longer have a Gold Standard backed economy. We live in a fractional reserve banking economy and as such all the nonsense about more taxation and cutbacks because we dont have money, is boloney. We can get a Green New Deal, if we all lear MMT Economics. All we have to learn is the current economic framework so that we can’t be manipulated into accepting lies. We are a sovereing nation that prints is own money. We can print whatever we want and hence we are never in debt. Congress can pay debt anytime it wants because any debt owed all it really is, is credit in American Dollars. Please be the first party to incorporate real current economics understanding, because they have huge humanitarian implications. there is no need for people to be dying every day because we don’t have healthcare. We should all have it along with education and anything else that is good for the people. Good guaranteed jobs and early retirement and good benefits. Nothing is impossible once you understand MMT.

  • Government’s actions change as economic conditions occur. Honestly, how can this website establish integrity & prove it’s viability if it’s head is back in 2012 ?!!!
    Where’s the Humanitarian Party Convention ? Who or what are we writing to ? Does the person or persons responsible for content intend on building interest & demand only to sell to the highest bidder ?…Or worse…betray us in ways we’ve not yet learned ! I deduce comments by the timing of postings are collected somewhere in a foreign time zone, likely by a robot.

  • James Bradley says

    I believe that one of the greatest impacts on the economy would be to separate corporations and wealth from government. To do this I propose that private money be eliminated from political campaigns. This would allow government to act on behalf of humans and human rights instead of special interests. I am very interested in your movement, but this is the most important issue to me. Believe it would have very positive effects on many political policies and it will also restore power to the voters. If this is something your organization can get behind, I would be very interested in volunteering my time and effort for your cause. Please get back to me. Thank you for your time.

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