Social Security

Humanitarians see and realize the the current Social Security system will be in major trouble in the years to come. The way the current Social Security system was setup will not continue to work once there becomes more beneficiaries then workers (people paying into Social Security). It worked fine up until now because the worker vs. beneficiary ratio resulted in a positive-sum revenue stream, but soon that ratio is going to be a negative-sum revenue stream.

The ratio for 2011 was 2.9 and once that ratio gets to less then 1:1 the Social Security system is going to be in a negative-sum system, which means it’s going to pay out more then it takes in. If the Government would have been saving the excess revenue they have generated all these years from Social Security then maybe they could have a surplus to hold up with demand. If the Government would do more to encourage entrepreneurs with incentives to create more jobs then maybe America would have more people working, but the fact is the current Government wants to tax the people creating jobs more, which is discourage future companies. Why work hard when the Government takes all the money you make and give it to the welfare system, send it over seas to support fanatical regimes, and bail out failing banks that “are to big to fail or prosecute”.

The Government seems to look at the surface of problems without looking at the root of the problem. In order to solve any problem you must look at the root of the problem and only then will a real solution be seen. If you have weeds growing in the garden you do not trim the top and think that solves the weed problem. You have to pull them out by the roots and only then will the weeds not continue to grow. Pull the roots of the problems and the problem will be solved.

The root of the problem with Social Security is we soon will not have enough workers to cover the retired workers and people on disability. The only solution is to make sure we have more people working and in order to get more people working we must provide avenues and incentives for people to work, for people to create jobs.

Our current Government spends more money they take in across the board, it’s not only a Social Security problem. Congress is required by law to pass an annual budget every year, yet they have failed to pass a budget since 2009. It’s been three years and the only suggestion they have is to increase the spending limit and pass short-term budget measures.



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  • Ityel Biletzky says

    You fail to provide,any idea, to save the SS, My idea or solution is to Channel money to SS, from un necessary other programs, like un needed,undeserved bloated military,etc.(Trim down Mil. expenditures)

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