People Vs. Humanity

You may think people is a synonym for humanity but if you look closer at the actual definition of the words they are quite different.

People are constantly fighting people, it’s time for a better way.

hu·man·i·ty :

1. All human beings collectively; the human race; humankind.
2. The quality or condition of being human.



1. The entire body of persons who constitute a community, tribe, nation, or other group by virtue of a common culture.



How would the world be if people would think about humanity first and everything else second?

In order to make the world a more peaceful place all people should think about humanity as in all humans on earth when it comes to making laws, waging wars and solving poverty. It seems all to often “people” only think about their local community or their religion and discount everyone else.

We as people can no longer wait for our faith to save humanity. We must take actions and we the people can save humanity.

This does not mean we can not be proud of our community, or proud of our culture, or proud of our faith. It means we need to think about humanity as a whole and not only our community and not only our culture and not only our faith.

The one thing we all have in common is that we are human. We all have a common dream of living in a peaceful world and we all dream of a prosperous future for our family. It is the people vs. humanity because if the people do not work on saving humanity then humanity will only continue to fight and kill itself off without ever fulfilling our dreams.

It’s not about all thinking the same way or doing the same things. We can work towards a better future and at the same time be tolerant of our differences while keeping humanity as our foundation to build on.

This is no small task and it will take generations of consistency to see results. Please join the Humanitarian Party to be part of this movement and let’s make it a reality instead of only a dream.

2 Comments on "People Vs. Humanity"

  • Nkele says

    If humanity can be taught at primary school as a subject for everyone to know and apply in life it will improve quality of life in the whole world.

  • Lockeheart says

    I would just like to say that while I feel you speak the truth about what you believe in, I don’t think we will ever agree on overpopulation issues as well as overextension of what humanity is. Humans can be the very fabric of your nightmares, the bumps in the night that have children running to their parents. To put humanity first would be taking care of certain threats in a manner that would not cost the rest of humanity resources. While it seems like a slippery slope to think the way I do, I do put humanity first. But I know the brutality of nature and what is sometimes necessary for a greater good, as long as moderation and restrictions are in order. Unfortunately, people lie, they steal, and we are all flawed as people, as humanity. That’s what the real problem will always be and denying the truth merely means lying and just allowing snakes to slither and thrive. The web’s growth is not limited. Oh how it dances and stretches to leech life from sin is unknown and uncontrolled. While the ants stir and the roaches rule, the spiders feast upon their tools.

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